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Download this file (S.R.O. 12 of 2008 Wholesale Reg.pdf)Telecommunications SRO 12 of 2008Wholesale
Download this file (SRO 07 2002 (Licensing  and  Authorisation).pdf)Telecommunications SRO 07 of 2002 Licensing and Authorisation
Download this file (SRO 09 2002 (Confidentiality in Networks and Services).pdf)Telecommunications SRO 09 of 2002Confidentiality in Networks and Services
Download this file (SRO 10 2002 (Private Network Licensing).pdf)Telecommunications SRO 10 of 2002Private Network Licensing
Download this file (SRO 11 2002 (Terminal Equipment and Public Network).pdf)Telecommunications SRO 11 of 2002Terminal Equipment and Public Network
Download this file (SRO 17 2009 Telecommunications (Interconnection).pdf)Telecommunications SRO 17 of 2009Interconnection
Download this file (SRO 26 2011 Telecommunications (Spectrum Managment).pdf)Telecommunications SRO 26 of 2011Spectrum Managment
Download this file (SRO 28 2010 Telecommunications (Quality of Services for Resellers) Regulation.pdf)Telecommunications SRO 28 of 2010Quality of Services for Resellers
Download this file (SRO 30 Telecommunication Exemption Reg 2011.pdf)Telecommunications SRO 30 of 2011Exemption
Download this file (SRO 31 of 2016. Telecommunications (Fees) (Amd).pdf)Telecommunications SRO 31 of 2016Telecommunication (Amended) Fee Regulation
Download this file (SRO 32 2008 Telecommunications (Numbering) Reg.pdf)Telecommunications SRO 32 of 2008Numbering
Download this file (SRO 34 2009Telecommunications (Universal Services Fund) Reg.pdf)Telecommunications SRO 34 of 2009Universal Services Fund
Download this file (SRO 34 Telecommunication (Dispute Resolution) Reg.pdf)Telecommunications SRO 34 of 2007Dispute Resolution
Download this file (SRO 36 2010 Telecommunications (Access to Facilities).pdf)Telecommunications SRO 36 of 2010Access to Facilities
Download this file (SRO 39 2012Telecommunications(Amateur Radio) Regulations 2012.pdf)Telecommunications SRO 39 of 2012Amateur Radio
Download this file (SRO 40 2012 Telecommunications (Retail Tariff) Regulations 2012.pdf)Telecommunications SRO 40 of 2012 Retail Tariff
Download this file (SRO No. 33 of 2016. Telecommunications (Exemption) Order2c 2014-.pdf)Telecommunications SRO 33 of 2016Telecommunication (Exemption) Order of 2016
Download this file (Telecommunications (Quality of Service) Regulations.pdf)Telecommunications SRO 13 of 2008Quality of Service - General (Parameters)
Download this file (Telecommunications (Universal Service Fund Contribution) Order[5995].pdf)Telecommunications SRO 45 of 2009 Statutory Rules and Orders (USF)
Download this file (Telecoms-SRO-15-2007-fees.pdf)Telecommunication SRO 15 of 2007Fees
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